Cycling and sailing combined

Why Whike


Energy is what moves the universe. And we need energy to move. Whike proposes us to use pure natural resources to move around. And the wind helps us to save the physical energy it costs to move around pedalling on a bicycle.

The highly efficient and reliable technology of cycling is a miracle in itself, combined with a good wind in the sail, the speed and distance one can cycle becomes legendary.

Many have tried, Whike was lucky to end up in a salutary storm.


The Whike was invented by Fredjan Twigt. Fredjan was already land-sailing on the beach as a boy. He was educated as an architect and broadened his passion for design. He started designing recumbent bicycles, many of them have been in production for years. In 2007, he decided to combine his two passions and started a long list of different Whike prototypes. They all came together in one unique design: the Whike was launched in 2009.

All the further improvements that have been made are compatible with the original model.

Video links

On the internet are a lot of video posts on Whike, we made a selection to give you a start.

Let us start with a coverage of the Whike in perfect conditions on a long daytrip: WhikeTour 2012 Round Markermeer - YouTube .

For some more detailed images: Whike in detail - YouTube , and some information in Dutch: Whike uitleg Nederlands - YouTube .

We are proud of some long and challenging expeditions that have been made riding Whikes: Expedition1000: An Introduction to the Whike - YouTube . Or more relaxed discovery tours like: Tabba3ni USA Whike Tour ep1 - YouTube . These long trips are perfect if you want to promote a goal, using the sail for your message and raise attention: WheelsonWind and the Whike on Alaskan TV (KTUU Channel 2)! - YouTube .