Cycling and sailing combined

Where to Whike

It's nice to know that Whiking can start just where the Whike is stored. A remarkable partaker in the traffic, on its way for a tour or a destination, crossing as many windy areas as possible.

We never experienced difficulty in crossing cities. In busy areas, there is almost always a lack of wind. We just cycle along, behaving in a calm and courteous way. We get noticed, and mostly people are very cheerful. A hilly environment is no problem, but avoid the mountains.

Wind-bike territory

Where it is nice to ride a bike, it is nice to ride a Whike!

In most regions, you can find spots where the wind has enough space to increase: coastal areas, agricultural landscapes, along rivers and canals. The best roads are quiet and have slick pavement or asphalt.

Fun-sport areas

Riding a Whike without the need to follow a narrow track is another experience. Forget the pedalling and navigate on the wind, just as you would do with a sailing boat or land yacht.

A Whike is not designed for off road usage, but with enough wind riding the sand can be a lot of fun.


Whiking is a very comfortable way of moving around. It does not require special clothing and you can put your luggage on the back carrier. Keep an eye on the weather conditions, and take the chance to Whike a fine ride when the opportunity presents itself.

The sail can be used for advertising your business as an extra benefit.

To extend the range of your daily trips, the Whike with electric pedal assistance (W2E) is a serious option.

Hiking and travel

Crossing the ocean as sailors, is like crossing the desert riding Whikes. For most of us sailing didn't take us that far, but quite some adventurous trips have already been made.

A Whike can carry some load, so a complete camp gear may well be fitted. The comfortable seating position is perfect for long journeys and provides great views of the landscape.