Cycling and sailing combined

When to Whike

We want the wind to move us around, so the weather will determine what a Whike ride will be like. Sunshine and good wind often go together!

You do not have to be an experienced sailor and Whiking is possible in Every environment. When you ride your Whike and there is enough wind, you will always be looking for the perfect reach.

Wind speeds

Wind (km/h) Beaufort
7 - 21 2 - 3
You will feel how the sail starts to help you move, however the pedals will remain the main source of power.
21 - 30 4
Perfect conditions! You can feel the power of the wind, you will easily overtake other cyclists and can stop pedalling when sailing in good angles to the wind.
30 - 40 5
Now the Whike turns into a sporty road sailor, with an unobstructed wind you can just sit back and cruise at speed. For most people, we recommend the storm sail in these winds.
40 - 50 6
Now things will start to get fast, just for more experienced thrill riders using the storm sail.
50+ 7+
It will be difficult in these conditions. Storm sail only possible in an "extreme sport environment". We do recommend to stow all sails. You will always have the pedals to get you home.