Cycling and sailing combined

Who is Whike

Customers / users

Once you've had a good Whike experience you will never forget it. We hope that each Whike will give as many people as possible that same experience. Thanks to internet we see older Whikes popping up in places where we don't have any customers. We receive an email, when eventually something needs repairing, for which bike stores have no particular parts. We are always happy to find the right item and send it to your location.


We are a small organisation and focus on our main product. We have selected the best partners to supply our unique parts. And we purchase good quality components from the sailing and cycling industry to fit the fully equipped Whike.

For practical reasons, we communicate mostly by email. Our approach is as custom-tailored as possible, so don't hesitate if you have any queries.


Hopefully you already had an experience with the Whike, this really is step one.

If you have a serious and realistic plan, and have a clear aim to help us share the Whike experience, we may consider you a potential partner. We will try to help you out, if you need more Whikes at once. But we cannot give them away of course.