Cycling and sailing combined

What is Whike

The Whike combines the principles of sailing and cycling into one well-designed vehicle. Whike is by history the standard in sail-cycling. A Whike can be used as a means of transport, but Whiking is also a unique new kind of sport. It will provide comfort, performance and potential riding distances that you may never have considered before. It also opens up possibilities of high speed land yachting thrills, when well prepared.

Sail-cycling explained

Sailing on land basically works the same as on water. Combining sailing and cycling sounds almost impossible, but it is not!

The Whike is a very stable and smart design: All functions of sailing and cycling can be combined after a bit of practice. Thanks to the pedals you can always keep a normal cycling speed, on your way to windy conditions.

Even if you are familiar with both sailing and cycling, you will develop new skills to maneuver and navigate your routes.

The vehicle

The frame has been especially developed down to the smallest details, to provide maximum stability and control when under sail. Even the strongest gust is distributed evenly over the wheels, so there is no loss of directional balance. The well-known land yacht issue of the power steering bias has been completely ironed out of the Whike design.

The WW2 chassis is highly durable and lightweight, its rigidity seems everlasting.

The rig

The Sail propulsion comes from a 1.6 m2 or 1.0 m2 fully battened mylar sail, fitted to a carbon fibre mast. The sail was developed by Whike to meet our unique requirements, it has evolved though a number of iterations.

The smaller storm sail gives the Whike a larger wind range and increases safety and control in gusty conditions. The storm sail is also valuable when the driver weighs less than 65 Kg.

Our sails are developed to maximise visibility as well as transparency, so you can adapt to city traffic on the occasion.