Cycling and sailing combined

Want a Whike?

We can imagine you do, at least we hope so. Therefore, we will explain a few practical matters. Most important is the question: "Am I allowed to use it?" The answer is yes, the Whike is a bicycle and complies with all the standards to be considered as such. We received feedback from all over the world, and feel wholeheartedly welcome.

Storage is another, the Whike vehicle is wider and longer than a normal bike. The entrance needs to be minimum 90 cm broad to be able to enter it. Your personal bike may often travel with you in public transport, if space is available. We recommend you to check possibilities when planning a trip.

How to get one

Becoming a sail-cyclist is incredibly fun, and we very much welcome new ambassadors. So, we want to make sure a Whike will fit your expectations.

Write us an email to get in touch, we are then able to exchange about the kind of usage and the environment where you plan to use your Whike. Your Whike will be assembled upon order.

Taxes and transport

All prices on our website are Dutch VAT-inclusive. Businesses outside the Netherlands, with a European VAT number can request a reverse charge VAT.

Most cargo in Europe can be done by truck, and we are able to ship the Whike ready to ride in these cases. Shipping a Whike in this big box is costlier than the air transport box, but avoids reassembly. Transportation costs are calculated when you decide to order, but we will provide an estimation.

Whike extras

We only keep a small selection of accessories that can be fitted to the Whike. A lot of extras can be bought in regular or recumbent cycle shops and on websites. For example, there exists a wide variety of cycle computers that will fit the Whike.

1.0 m2 storm sail
To keep you sailing even in stronger winds, we have developed the 1.0 m2 storm sail - € 235,-

Whike headrest
On longer distances people tend to like our headrest, it can be attached to the chair - € 65,-

Lights installed
For night time Whiking we can have lights fitted to your new Whike - € 51,-

Prices and options

W2C - € 4.815
The Whike II Classic (W2C) is the original sail and pedal powered model. With Whike's core principles refined down to the very last detail to make the ultimate road sailing trike. Of course, featuring our unique sailing rig. It comes standard with the mast foot, mast, 1.6 m2 sail, luggage rack, triple disk brakes and 18 gears.

W2E - € 5.815
The Whike II Electric (W2E) is the top spec Whike designed with serious commuting and touring in mind. It is fitted with an electric motorised hub, control and display at the mast foot and removable Li-Ion battery. The electric motor gives you up to 250w of pedal assistance and a range of 50 miles (80km). The combination of sail, pedal and electric gives you the ultimate advantage on the road and the bicycle track.

W2B - € 3.815
The Whike II Basic (W2B) is a simplified, non-sailing version of the Whike. The Whike chassis is unique with its low center of gravity and high rigidity, making it an excellent recumbent. It has twin disk brakes, reduced weight and 9 gears with grip shifters.