About the Whike

The Whike combines two well known principles into one excellent all round package. The Whike will provide comfort, performance and potential riding distances that you may never considered before. It also opens up possibilities of high speed Landyachting thrills when configured. Even without the sails up, the Whike has been reviewed as one of the best delta trikes on the market due to its exceptionally low centre of gravity and lightweight Molybdenum steel frame. Add the power of 21st century land yacht technology and you have combination that has to be tried to be believed. 

Below are some of the key features of the Whike in more detail:   

The Frame:

The frame was designed by the experienced sailor and cycle designer Fredjan Twigt and optimized using the latest in CAD computer technology. The frame has been specially developed down to the smallest detail to give maximum stability and control when under sail power. Even the strongest gust is distributed evenly over the wheels so there is no loss of directional balance. The well know land yacht issue of power steering bias has been completely ironed out of the Whike design. 

The frame uses a single middle boom and minimizes unnecessary material use. As the forces from the sail are unfamiliar to cycle design, considerable testing and development was required to create a frame that would easily handle the power from the sail. The W 2.0 chassis is highly durable and lightweight providing weight saving and rigidity over the original. 

The Sails:

The Sail propulsion comes from a 1.6 m² or 1.0 m² fully battened mylar sail fitted to a carbon fiber mast. The sail and mast have been developed by Whike and produced in partnership with Tiki the Dutch windsurf sail experts. The sail has evolved though a number of iterations, the latest being released in early 2013. The smaller sail option gives the Whike a larger wind range and increases Saftey and control in gusty conditions. The sails have also been developed to maximize visibility on the road, so you wont be missed by traffic.

The Seat:

The seat is a one piece composite hard shell type. It is available with two cushion levels and provides outstanding back support. The recumbent seat eliminates many pressure points associated with a saddle making hundreds of miles a day easily possible complimenting the cruising range of the Whike

The Controls:

The Whike is controlled by a under seat handlebar with bar end gear shifter, brakes, sail release and electric assist controls all built in. The sail is controlled by a mainsheet which is fed through a selection of pulleys to be easily accessed in front of the rider at the mast foot just below the attachment point for the ride computer. The Whike is fitted with a brake released SpinlockTM cleat for safe cruising. 

The Hubs:

The Whike hubs are custom made to provide an ultra wide spoke configuration to give the wheel the strength needed to combat the forces of being under sail power. Theses also house ultra heavy duty sealed bearings for long life under high loads. 

The Drivetrain:

The Whike aims to use equipment that is as familiar and widely available as possible. Other than the custom cut front chainring and chain guides the entire transmission on the Whike is off the shelf Shimano equipment, this can be easily serviced, repaired or upgraded by the rider or local cycle shops. 

The Brakes:

All of the Wheels feature 160 mm mechanical disk brakes, the additional wheel and added mechanical advantage of smaller wheels giving huge braking power. The rear brakes are actuated together, and the front is independent and also releases the sail if applied. Both brake sets have a ‘park’ functon which allows them to be locked to prevent the Whike sailing when left without a rider. 

The Luggage Rack:

The whike is fitted as standard with a behind the rider luggage rack. This rack can carry a variety of bags on top or below, including many off the shelf panniers.

Wind Ranges:

Wind Speed MPH Wind Speed KMH
Wind Speed Beaufort Effect:
up to 11 up to 21
1 to 3 You will feel the sail start to help you move, however pedals will be main source of power.
12 - 19 21 - 30
4 You can now really start to feel the power of the wind, you will be able easily overtake other cyclists and can start to use sail power only on reaches (sailing right angles to the wind).
20 - 25 30 - 40
5 Now the Whike turns into a true road sailor, with an unobstructed wind you can just sit back and cruise at speed.
26-30 40 -50

Now things will start to get fast, more experienced thrill riders will push top speeds, we do however recommend the storm sail in these winds.

30 + 50 + 7+ Things will be difficult in these conditions, storm sail still an option for the more experienced, we do recommend you stow all sails at this point, you will always have the pedals to get you home.

History of the Whike

The Whike was invented by Fredjan Twigt. Fredjan was educated as an architect at TU Delft and he used these skills as an aid worker in Africa for many years. After his return to the Netherlands he became 'addicted' to riding recumbents. As he was unable to buy his ideal recumbent he decided to start designing his own models, many of these are still in production today. Next to riding recumbents Fredjan has an avid passion for sailing. In 2007 he decided to combine his two passions in one design: the Whike. Some of the earlier whike versions can be seen below: 

ontstaan Whike

Future of the Whike

We at Whike are always developing new ideas and improvements for the Whike. We strive to achieve even higher speeds by saving weight and creating a improved, streamlined body.  Prototypes are being continuously being built modified and improved. These include designs for a electrically assisted Whike with a solar sail and also a aerodynamic fairing. The Whike team contains creative, innovative thinkers that will continue to evolve the Whike to bring it closer to ultimate transportation!


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Further information: 

If you would like to know more about the technical specifications of Whike just click on the link or use the buttons at the top of the page also for information on pricing and where you can Demo and buy.


We are able to ship Whikes to many places around the world, if you don't have a Whike partnership centre near you please get in touch to discuss shipping options. If you would like any further information, or to place and order please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@whike.com or call us at +316 5478 3068. We look forward to hearing from you!

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