We believe that there is massive potential in harnessing the wind. It provides free, clean power that can be accessed virtually anywhere and by anyone. 

The Whike uses this free resource to the max, letting you sail on the roads for the first time. As a land yacht and high performance pedal cycle, the Whike opens up awesome new possibilities for both travel and sport, providing the rider with improved range, visibility, comfort, providing the opertunity to stop pedaling relax and sail.

The modern world is starting to realize the full potential of wind power and explore the advantages of hybrid technologies.
By combining tried and tested principles of pedal cycles with land yacht capabilities, we have done just that. 

Whiking is road legal for both roads and cycle paths, even whilst under sail power, in both the Netherlands and the UK. You can find out more about the Whike here.


"Overall the Whike is an intriguing and bold concept, and much more practical than it might first appear" Velovision Magazine


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